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Staff Picks

Our favorite titles won't be found on your typical bestseller list. They are a reflection of what's on our mind, in our hearts, and our diverse personal interests.  


Mara always has more books to read and that's exactly how she likes it. There is a deliciousness to the books ahead of her and she is notoriously unfaithful reading several titles at a time. Literary fiction? Yes please, but also Science Fiction, Queer Romance, Non-Fiction, Memoirs, and whatever she's reading to her daughters for bedtime. Click here to see Mara's full list of favorites.


Marisa has just the right amount of books, but never the right amount of time to read them all. When she gets the chance, you can find her reading fiction, poetry, novels in translation, social justice books and family epics alongside a good post-apocalyptic story.  To cleanse her palate after all that heavy stuff, a good rom-com usually does the trick. She's working on getting more non-fiction into the rotation, but it's slow going. Click here to see Marisa's favorites.


David is a 28 year old transplant who loves anything outside of normal. He mostly reads horror, science fiction, fantasy or anything else that falls under the label of "speculative fiction", and he has a knack for recommending the perfect read. Click here to see the David's staff picks.


Katrina's shelves are filled with lyrical prose inspired by the natural world, books to read out loud at bedtime, inspirational cooking and gardening memoirs, reminders that life though imperfect is beautiful, and a good Western for the modern day. What inspires her list? Good writing and a positive vibe. Click here to see Katrina's list of favorites.


Kara's picks will make you think, feel and look at the world through a whole new lens. Click here to see Kara's full list of staff picks.


As an illustrator, Hollis picks favorites less by genre and more by artistic inspiration. Their reads vary from period romance science fiction, myth/classical retellings to gothic fantasy, and most genres of manga- basically, anything that makes you want to read cover-to-cover in one sitting. Click here to see their full list of staff picks.