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Montana Poet Laureate Mark Gibbons

Montana Poet Laureate, Mark Gibbons, will be in the store to discuss his latest collection, In the Weeds, available now at Chapter One.  

Praise for In the Weeds


"These new poems are exquisite things—the targets specific and the weapons sharpened. He will never be a bitter writer, but these words are no longer kindling and flint, no longer a search for the things that make us combustible. He found it. This collection is a flamethrower."

- Richard Fifield

"To read Mark Gibbons' poetry is to have an intimate conversation with your community, the guy on the next barstool, the woman in the checkout line, the person across the alley. Gibbons is a poet conversationalist. His words are a wonder and a balm."

-Debra Magpie Earling 
Author of Perma Red

"A book of Mark Gibbons poems takes you on an intense journey. The poems found “In The Weeds” continue that journey with chants, howls and maybe even a hymn or two, not the hymns of a choir boy, mind you, the words gathered here rant, rave, bless and curse. They are the pronouncements  of a grown man aching into further growth, a great hallelujah for life its own self ever confessing its limits and celebrating its joys. Take your time with this book it’s worth it."

- Dave Thomas
Author of Afternoon Stroll

Event date: 
Friday, March 31, 2023 - 6:00pm
Event address: 
252 Main Street
Hamilton, MT 59840