Culture Crawl May 10th


Culture Crawl Main Street Hamilton

Young Reader Author

V.K. Finnish

Book Signing



Eleven-year-old Arthur Grey has always wanted

to be a hero, and a day has not ended right if he

hasn't dug for treasure, plotted to stop thieving

magicians, or written clues in his trusty notebook.

But the real excitement begins when he's sucked through

a transporting doorway and makes an amazing discovery:

an entire society that investigates the truth behind all the

legends and myths we've always thought were just stories.

The Spyglass Squad is back at Historia, and an exciting

year is waiting for them. This time twelve-year-old

Arthur Grey is kept busy discovering the real legends

and artifacts behind ancient myths. But the most exciting

experience is thrilling olympic games this year. That is,

until new mysteries start cropping up. 

In his third adventure, Arthur and his friends land in Egypt

on a captivating search for the ancient book of Thoth.

However, when a stroke of bad luck hits, instead of discovering

anything--even about how to control his finicky Guardian

powers--Arthur finds himself surrounded by enemies,

abaondoned by his friends, and kicked out of the

Historia Society.


Event date: 

Friday, May 10, 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

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