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Create A Wish List

Wish lists are a great way tell those you love what you'd love or just keep track of what you want to read next. We've created this feature to support teachers in our community so they can tell parents and other supporters what books they'd like in the classroom.  We offer 20% off on teacher wish list titles. 

And if you aren't a teacher, wish lists are still great for providing a little hint to friends, family or loved ones what you'd like for a birthday, anniversary, baby shower or other life event.  Use the instructions below to create your own wish list, then share the link, we will take care of the rest!

First, create an account. 

1. Go to https://www.chapter1bookstore.com/user and select create new account.  If you already have one, log in.

Users can access their wish list through the ‘My Account’ link and then select ‘Wish List’ 

Everything after that is pretty straight forward but if you get stuck, you can refer to the details below.  Please note, if you do not want your wish list to be searchable you must make it private, in which case it will not be searchable on the website, but only accessed by those whom you've shared the link with.  And always press save as nothing is automatically saved.

TEACHERS: Please select the option to pick books up in the store so your donors don't have to pay shipping.  We will call you when they are ready to be picked up or deliver them to you at school!  Please also use the following format for your wish list title: School District Grade Name (i.e. Hamilton K Smith or Darby 3 Johnson).

Detailed instructions:

  1. Title - Title for the wish list. Customers can modify the default title created by the system. This title can be used by other site visitors to search for this wish list.  Teachers only, please use the following format for your wish list title: School District, Grade, Name (i.e. Hamilton K Smith or Darby 3 Johnson).
  2. Your Name - Your name as you would like to appear if you email your list to others. This ‘name’ can be used by site visitors to search for this wish list 
  3. Event or Expiration - The date on which this wish list will expire. For instance, if this wishlist is for a wedding registry, you may want to make the expiration date the day of the wedding. Expired wish lists will not be listed when searching for wish lists.
  4. Hide Expiration - If enabled, the expiration date will not be visible to viewers
  5. Private - Private wish lists will not be listed when someone searches for wish lists on a site but can be emailed to friends, family or constituents.
  6. Notes - Creators can include a description of the wish list, which will be displayed on top of the wish list.
  7. Mailing and Delivery Address- You can add a mailing address to the wish list. To make this setting function as the default delivery address for the wish list, you will need to enable 'Use this address as delivery address' underneath the address, otherwise we will have the book available for pick up in the store.  Please note purchasers will pay shipping.

            Note: For anyone purchasing from a wishlist with this setting enabled, the delivery address attached to the wishlist will be the default delivery address when items from the wishlist are in a customer's cart. The address will be grayed out and cannot be changed if all items on the order are from the wishlist. For a mixed order of wishlist and non-wishlist items, the delivery address can be changed or may be blank, depending on circumstances.

When making any setting changes, make sure to select the ‘Save Settings’ button.

Wishlist Management

  1. Modify - Customers can also update their wish list by adjusting the ‘Wanted’ quantity or removing items completely. Make sure to select the ‘Update wish list’ button after making any changes.
  2. Download -  Wish lists are available for download as a spreadsheet by selecting the ‘Download wishlist as CSV’ button.
  3. Email - Customers can email their wish list to up to 10 recipients at a time:
    • Recipient's e-mail address - Enter up to 10 email addresses, separated by commas.
    • Subject of e-mail - Your email subject line (we recommend making this something your recipients will recognize)
    • Custom Message - This is the body of your email, a link to your wishlist will automatically be included at the bottom.
    • Make sure to select the ‘E-mail Wish list’ button. A confirmation message will display once the e-mail has been sent.
  4. Delete - When using multiple wish lists, customers have the option to permanently delete a wish list they no longer want or need.  This feature is to be used with caution, as deleting a wishlist is irreversible.