Metaphorosis 2019: The Complete Stories (Complete Metaphorosis #4) (Hardcover)

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Beautifully written speculative fiction from Metaphorosis magazine. Fifty-two great science fiction and fantasy stories. All the stories we published in 2019.


From the Editor

The Book of Regrets -- M.J. Gardner
Five Star Review -- Alyssa N. Vaughn
Two Villains, a Notebook, and a Lump of Coal -- Helen French
Snapped Dry, Scraped Clean -- Setsu Uzum

The Lightkeeper's Wife -- Amelia Dee Mueller
The Soul Farmer's Daughters -- Kyle Kirrin
The Bear Wife -- Catherine George
Mean Streak -- L'Erin Ogle

Pleasing the Giants -- Carolyn Lenz
Absurd of a Feather -- Amman Sabet
The Noise Inside -- Vaya Pseftaki
L'Appel du Vide -- Rajiv Mot
The Color of My Home is Red Like an Apple -- Evan Marcroft

A Yellow Landscape -- Sarah McGill
Forever and a Life -- Daniel Roy
With Eyes Half Open -- Frances Pauli
A Sacrifice for the Queen -- Luke Murphy

Somewhere to be Going -- Katrina Smith
One for the Wounded -- Phoenix Alexander
In the Beating of a Wing -- David Cleden
The Memory Dresser -- Nicholas M. Stillman
Unmasked -- Tomas Marcantonio

Country Whispers -- Matthew Amundsen
The Thousand Revolutions of Kronstadt -- Pablo Valc rcel
Las Vegas Museum of Space Exploration -- Marilee Dahlman
The Girls Who Come Back Are Made of Metal and Glass -- L'Erin Ogle

One Day in Space Too Many -- Michael Sherrin
A Layer Thin As Breath -- Thea Boodhoo
Communication Breakdown -- Andrew Knighton
The Offshore -- Josh Taylor

Never Fade Away -- Claire Simpson
A Bear, or a Spider, or an Elephant -- Edward Ashton
The Last Duty -- Dawn Lloyd
The Propagator -- Simone Kern
There is a City, He Told Me -- Evan James Sheldon

Some Sun and Delilah -- B. Morris Allen
Favorites from Here and Abroad -- Peter T. Donahue
A Final Resting Place -- Matt Hornsby
The Guardian of Werifest Park -- Carly Racklin

Darling -- Kathryn Weaver
Misalignment -- Erik Goldsmith
The Season of Withering -- Lisa Short
Super -- Yume Kitasei

Rooks on Sundays -- Jack Neel Waddell
Via Dolorosa -- Christine Lucas
A Time for Understanding -- Lisa Fox
Fur and Feathers -- Jess Koch
The Lonely King -- Gunnar De Winter

The Martian in the Greenhouse -- Geoffrey W. Cole
What Lies in Light -- Laura Duerr
The Dybbuk -- Lewis Gershom
Notes from the Laoco n Program -- Phoenix Alexander

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Publication Date: March 1st, 2020
Pages: 774
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