Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology (Hardcover)

Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology Cover Image
By Caroline Paul, Wendy MacNaughton (Illustrator)


A Finalist for the 26th Lambda Literary Award

Caroline Paul was recovering from a bad accident and thought things couldn't get worse. But then her beloved cat Tibia disappeared. She and her partner, illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, mourned his loss. Yet weeks later, Tibia waltzed back into their lives. His owners were overjoyed. But they were also...jealous? Betrayed? Where had their sweet anxious cat disappeared to? Had he become a swashbuckling cat adventurer? Did he love someone else more? His owners were determined to find out.

Using GPS technology, cat cameras, psychics, the web, and animal communicators, the authors of Lost Cat embarked on a quest to discover what their cat did when they weren't around. Told through writer Caroline Paul's rich and warmly poignant narrative and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton's stunning and hilarious 4-color illustrations, Lost Cat is a book for animal lovers, pet owners, and anyone who has ever done anything desperate for love.

About the Author

Caroline Paul (http://www.carolinepaul.com/) is the author of East Wind, Rain (HarperCollins, 2006) and Fighting Fire (St. Martin's, 1999). Wendy MacNaughton (http://wendymacnaughton.com/) is the creator of the acclaimed Rumpus illustrated column, Meanwhile, and her work has appeared widely in publications including The New York Times, Print Magazine, GOOD Magazine, PEN America and Bon Appetit.

Praise For…

“A delightful read for all those of us who would be lost without our cats.” —Suzy Becker, #1 New York Times bestselling author of All I Need to Know, I Learned From My Cat

“You may say that love is not a word for feelings between people and books. I say I loved this book. I felt giddy when I read it. I smiled constantly and made snorty crack-up noises, the kind that make the people around you go, What?! Then I'd get choked up, and then I'd be giddy again, and all the way through, I didn't want it ever to end. I think we can all agree that's love.” —Mary Roach, New York Times bestselling author of Packing for Mars and Stiff

“The writing and drawings are funny. Nutty. Heartwarming. Smart. Loopy. Full of love.” —Maira Kalman, New York Times bestselling author and illustrator of #1 New York Times Bestsellers Food Rules by Michael Pollan and The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White

“A thoughtful, kind and funny story about the love people can have for their pets and the weird places that this love and accompanying devotion can take them. But it also travels beyond the realm of human-pet relationships, offering commentary on all relationships and the roles of those we love, and sometimes don't love, in our lives.” —PBS "Newshour"

“As author Caroline Paul and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton chart their discoveries in the feline world, they unfurl an uncommonly charming and wise tale.” —Alexis Madrigal, TheAtlantic.com

“Caroline Paul's LOST CAT: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology is revelatory…. it moves easily and hilariously from one sentence and chapter to the next. Like the storyline, though, the form only appears simple; in truth, it's ingeniously crafted…. All of this may sound a little over the top, and it is, especially for such a short book. But the effect is a fiercely charming narrative that sneaks up on a reader, just as the best fantastical books do…. LOST CAT is an incredibly endearing work, a snapshot of the madness of loving and agonizing over and chasing after animals.” —Jillian Steinhauer, Los Angeles Review of Books

“[Paul's] text and Ms. MacNaughton's ink and wash drawings record the sometimes true, sometimes fanciful results of her sleuthing (and guesswork) in memoir form.” —Liesl Schillinger, New York Times

“Utterly beguiling… the results are deeply satisfying, profound and funny.” —Joanna Connors, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“This playful, quirky book is like a cat that climbs into your lap and purrs; it's impossible not to love it.” —Gayle Brandeis, San Francisco Chronicle

“Cute without being treacly, LOST CAT has an appeal that even dog partisans will have to acknowledge.” —Sarah Rothbard, Slate.com

“A tender, imaginative memoir infused with equal parts humor and humanity…. an absolute treat from cover to cover.” —Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

“The book is filled with some seriously heartbreaking (and heartwarming) moments, but is ultimately a testament to adoration in all its human and animal forms.” —Fast Company

“Hilarious and moving…. Even non–cat lovers will find this an engaging read, charmingly illustrated by [Caroline] Paul's partner, [Wendy] MacNaughton, as Paul easily makes her strong emotions for her pets accessible and universal.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Lost Cat was my most delightful literary discovery of last year . . . . It's funny, poignant, and as original as they come.” —Cheryl Strayed, Entertainment Weekly

“This addictive read, marvelously illustrated by Wendy's ink-and-wash drawings, will captivate all pet lovers.” —Nancy Bent, Booklist

“You don't have to be a cat person to thoroughly enjoy reading Lost Cat... Paul cracks jokes about her feline stalking, but she makes a surprisingly poignant meditation on the vulnerability of our relationships with animals and humans. MacNaughton's illustrations vividly bring their search and subsequent revelations to life on the page.” —PureWow

“A beautifully illustrated, touching, and often hilarious tale of searching for a cat gone missing. If you love animals, you will love this.” —Jezebel

Product Details
ISBN: 9781608199778
ISBN-10: 1608199770
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication Date: April 9th, 2013
Pages: 176
Language: English