Winter Sparrow (Paperback)

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I'll GROW WINGS ALL BY MYSELF Mary is a talented young artist all-too-familiar with change. A complicated, distant relationship with her father and a string of bad experiences have left her heart broken and her mind splintered. So finding real love always fit more in the realm of fantasy than reality. Until now. Something's different about her fianc Joshua Clay, a charming and successful architect who has recently inherited his father's abandoned countryside mansion. Joshua's lofty dreams of leaving the city she's come to know behind in order to relocate to a rundown estate lost in the woods conflict with Mary's idea of happily ever after. But a garden at the center of the estate, seemingly untouched by time and decay, compels her to trade her fear and doubt for a chance to begin again. As the seasons change, and the couple suffer an impossible loss, one question plays on repeat: has she made a mistake? Restoring the mansion consumes Joshua's every moment, while Mary returns to the familiar escapes of her youth. Both find no peace, and the distance only grows between them. When Mary endures an intense accident in the woods, she unknowingly awakens something supernatural within. No longer able to tell dream from reality, she spirals deeper into a world of mystery and peril, causing her to question everything she once believed to be true about the man she loves, the strange woods, and her life. The fantasy begins... "Winter Sparrow is an amazing, haunting read." -PJ Carroll, "Winter Sparrow left me with a sense of awe." -Breathe in Books "In his trademark style, Estevan Vega blends supernatural elements and spiritual themes with great characterization and an understanding of human brokenness." -Josh Olds, Life is Story.

About the Author

ESTEVAN VEGA has been writing for fifteen years. He has published seven books and a number of cool short stories you should totally read. He is fascinated by the supernatural and in awe of the idea of love, so his stories often weave the two. As far as fun facts go, he loves going to movies and concerts, wishes he could be Spider-man, and can't get enough mint chocolate chip ice cream. Estevan currently lives in Connecticut. Please stalk responsibly: facebook: authorestevanvega twitter: @estevanvega instagram: @estevanvega
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ISBN: 9780990537816
ISBN-10: 0990537811
Publisher: Capulet Entertainment
Publication Date: September 14th, 2012
Pages: 194
Language: English